Advance reservations are recommended to prevent disappointment, especially during peak periods in the summer months. A deposit of $10 per canoe is required (Visa and MasterCard are accepted). If you must cancel your trip, a refund of the reservation deposit will be made only if cancellation is received at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled trip. Same-day reservations by telephone are accepted without reservation deposit if canoes are available. A security deposit is required, however (see below).

Security Deposit

For each canoe rented, a $10 security deposit is required. Refunds of security deposits will be made at the end of the trip, providing all equipment is returned at the designated time in acceptable condition.

Group Discounts

Discounts of up to $4 per canoe (see below) are available when all reservation and payment details are handled by a single group leader. It is suggested that the leader collect the $10 per canoe reservation deposit from each member before contacting Reed's Canoe Trips. Discount structure is based on the number of canoes used by the group:
  • 6 to 12 canoes qualify for a $2 per canoe discount.
  • 13 or more canoes qualify for a $4 per canoe discount.
River Trip — Group of Friends Riding on Canoe in Kankakee, IL

Participant Agreement

ALL PARTICIPANTS will be required to read and to sign a Participant Agreement including parents and/or legal guardians for minors and to abide by the terms of such agreement. For your convenience you may complete these agreements before you arrive. Simply click on the link provided here and print and complete before you leave home.


Participant understands and agrees that Provider has an Alcohol Use Policy that specifically limits all Participants to the consumption of the equivalent of 3 12 oz. cans of beer or less during the entire time of the canoe rental; except as may be prohibited by any federal, state, and/or local laws or Ordinances. Participant further agrees to abide by said policy.
Note: All trips are made rain or shine.
Reed's Canoe Trips reserves the right to cancel or substitute any trip due to weather, unsafe water conditions, or any other reason we deem necessary as management.